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Alhama de Murcia > Parking area middle distance race 23 kms.


DISTANCE FROM PARKING AREA TO COMPETITION CENTER: 1800 meters / 23 minutes by walking.

DISTANCE FROM COMPETITION CENTER TO START: 200 meters / 3 minutes by walking.


TOTAL DISTANCE FROM PARKING AREA TO START: 2000 meters / 26 minutes by walking.

Date: 19 th February.

  • Map: La Muela del Fontanar.
  • New map.
  • Fieldwork January 2018.
  • Mapper: Juan Fco. Sánchez Sánchez.


1/7.500 EQ. 5 m for Open-amarillo, Open-naranja, U-10, M/F-12, 60, 65 and 70.
1/10.000 EQ. 5 m for rest of categories.


Course Planner: Juan Ferra Casado.


The chosen terrain for the middle distance race gives two different areas. On one side there is a plateau where the speed of the race will be maximum and where the the loss of direction and parallel mistakes can make competitors lose a long time. On the other side there is a slope with many rock details and where the physical condition and the correct reading of the map will be decisive. There is an area due to fallen trees that can make the race difficult.

As is usual in the Costa Calida Trophy, the chasing start for the middle distance will add extra difficulty as well as a result of nervousness and a loss of concentration.

The courses are very demanding, as is usual in the Costa Calida, with many changes of direction and where it will be necessary to apply all the different skills. 

It is highly recommended to use some protection for legs and ankles.

Really hope you will enjoy!

Special Symbols:

X (black) Hunters point or cage.


The runners must enter the start lane 5 minutes before their start time. All competitors that arrive late to the start area will warn the organization. Changes to start times are not permitted under any circumstance. Sportident will be cleaned before entering the start area.

More information about chasing starts