The start of the 2nd day will be a chasing start for: M/F18-20-21A-21B-35-35B-40-45-50-55-60-65-70-E.  

For the OPEN classes on Sunday the start time are between 09:30am and 11:00am.


With a time gap of no more than 30 minutes from the class leader. The start times for the 2nd day will be published at the hard floor and web from 21:00 h. The start times will be available in the competition area from 8:00 hours on Sunday.

The class leaders of each class will start at the following times:


9:10: M/F-70

9:15: M/F-65

9:20: M/F-60

9:25: M/F-55

9:30: M/F-16

9:35: M/F-18

9:40: M/F-35B

9:50: M/F-50

10:00: M/F-20

10:10: M/F 45

10:20: M/F-21B

10:30: M/F-40

10:40: M/F-21A

10:50: M/F-35A

11:00: M/F-E


The runners must enter the start lane 5 minutes before their start time. All competitors that arrive late to the start area will warn the organization. Changes to start times are not permitted under any circumstance. Sportident will be cleaned before entering the start area.


EXAMPLE: A competitor "A" of M-21A in the competition of Saturday who is 10 minutes and 28 seconds behind the winner in this category. The first competitor of M-21A on Sunday will leave at 10:30:00, and the competitor "A" will leave at 10:40:28. It is the competitors responsibility to check that the map is the corresponding one for its category.

In the case of a dispute the winner will be the first runner to cross the line.