In the WRE Sprint race, the maps for all categories (except for open category) will be printed on both sides of the paper in order  to improve readibility.  On one side will go part 1 of the route and on the reverse part 2 of the route.

In the competition center of this race there is no delivery of numbers and rent sportident cards, they will be delivered at the hotel SG de Bullas:

Thursday 21th February from 16 to 20 hours.

Friday 22th February from 10 to 14 and form 16 to 22 hours.


Scoring race for WRE and VIII MCO 2019, only for categories M/F-E and M/F-20E. 

Other non-scoring categories for this race M/F-VETERANOS/AS and OPEN.

This race is not scoring for the general classification of the XXXI Costa Calida Trophy.


Bullas > competition area: 23 kms / 19 minutes by car.

Marked access from exit 61 of the RM-15 to the competition area.

How to arrive to parking

Distance from parking 1 to start: 50 meters, 1 minute on foot.

Distance from parking 2 to start: 150 meters, 3 minutes on foot.


Map: Fuentes del Marqués.

Mapper (revised): Juan Fco. Sánchez Sánchez.

Fieldwork: Januray 2019.

Scale: 1/4.000.

EQ. 2,5 m.

Old map

Course planner: Salvador Martínez Cánovas.


Special Symbols:

x (black): picnic area.
square (black): recycling booth.

x (green): centenary holm oak.


Start procedures:

A quarantine zone (only for M/F-E and M/F-20E) will be established next to the pre-start where the runners will have to wait for their departure time and will be able to warm up.

It is absolutely forbiden for runners to access the race area from 13:30.

Runners Will be allowed to keep their map after running, so fair play is expected.


First start: 15:00 hours.

5 minutes before: Pre-start from quarantine area.

3 minutes before: Sportident units are cleared and checked.

2 minutes before: Control descriptions can be taken.

1 minute before: Position behind the map box.


Maximun time for the races:

50 minutes for both, men and women.  



There will be refreshment for all competitors at the finish area.


Other services:

  • Delivery of numbers and / or delivery of rented cards: NO, on Thursday 21 from 16 to 20 hours and Friday 22 from 10 to 14 and from 16 to 22 hours can be collected at the Hotel SG de Bullas.
  • Delivery and sale of official shirts: No.
  • Toilets: in the finish area.
  • Baby sitting: no.
  • Food service in the finish area: no.
  • Medical service in the finish area: Yes.
  • Delivery of medals to the top 5 classified in the M / F-E WRE categories in the finish area at 18:30.


Formed by typical mediterranean forest, it's mainly characterized by four water sources that cross the area and form a canalised river. The vegetation around the riverbank makes crossing it difficult and forces competitors to be very focused in choosing the right route.


The map is scattered by centenary holm oaks, some of them older than 400 years, as well as pine trees and centenary olive trees. There are also many archaeological remains that will delight the competitors.


We have combined the route choice together with fast sections which need good concentration and the fast pace typical of a Sprint race.