The delivery of numbers for runners who have not collected them before will be in the parking area of the sprint race



Sprint race is scoring for the Spanish Sprint League 2019.

This race is not scoring for the general classification of the XXXI Costa Calida Trophy.


Bullas > competition area: 0 kms / 0 minutes by car.

Marked access from exit 41 of the RM-15 to the parking area.

How to arrive to parking

Distance from parking to finish: 1000 meters.

Distance from parking to start: 600 meter.


Map: Bullas.

Map maker (new map) and course planner: Juan Fco. Sánchez Sánchez.

Fieldwork: Januray 2019.

Scale: 1/4.000.

EQ.: 2,5 m.


Special Symbols:

X (black): symbol 540. playground.  



The Sprint race will take place in the urban area of Bullas. It shows an irregular network of streets in most of the area. The slope is moderate but could be slighter in some route choices. This must be taken into account in order to choose the fastest route.


Start procedures:

Quarantine area opens for M/F-E y M/F-20E at 15:15 hours.

Quarantine area closes for M/F-E y M/F-20E at 15:45 hours.

First start: 15:52 hours.

7 minutes before: Cuarentine start (only for M/F-E y M/F-20E).

3 minutes before: Sportident units are cleared and checked.

2 minutes before: Control descriptions can be taken.

1 minute before: Position behind the map box.


Maximun time for the races:

50 minutes for both, men and women.  



In the finish area will be refreshment for all runners.


Other services:

  • Delivery of numbers and / or delivery of rented cards: Yes in the finish area from 15:30 to 18:30 hours.
  • Delivery and sale of official shirts: Yes
  • Toilets: in the finish area.
  • Baby sitting: No.
  • Food service in the finish area: No.
  • Medical service in the finish area: Yes.