Scoring race for WRE and Spanish Orienteering league.

This race is scoring for the general classification of the XXXII Costa Calida Trophy.





  • 1/10.000: 
    OPEN ROJO, OPEN NEGRO, M/F-14, M/F-16/18, M/F-16E, M/F-18E, M/F-20E, M/F-21A, M/F-21B, M/F-35A. M/F-35B, M/F-40, M/F-45, M/F-50, M/F-55 y M/F-E.
    EQ.: 5 m.
  • 1/7.500: 
    OPEN-AMARILLO, OPEN-NARANJA, U-10, M/F-12, M/F-60, M/F-65 y M/F-70.
    EQ.: 5 m.




It will begin from START 1 according to the schedule for the first qualified in each category. 



9:00: M/F-70

9:10: M/F-65

9:20: M/F-60

9:30: M/F-55

9:40: M/F-18E

9:50: M/F-35B

10:00: M/F-50

10:10: M/F-20E

10:20: M/F-45

10:30: M/F-21B

10:40: M/F-40

10:50: M/F-21A

11:00: M/F-35A

11:30: M/F-E 


Start times for the next runners will be calculated by the difference in minutes and seconds behind the winner in the long distance race up to a cut-off point of 30 minutes. The rest of the runners will then start with a difference of 1 minute in between each one of them.  In M-F ELITE those runners who are more than 30 minutes behind the winner will leave at 9:00 according to the classification of the long distance race. Anyone not having run the long distance race on Saturday will start at the end with a start time decided by a draw.


Start lists will be displayed on the web www.costacalidaorientacion.net and on Sunday  24th at the arena from 08:00.


Runners must be at the start lane 5 minutes before their official time. If a competitor arrives late, he/she should inform the organisers and access the start through the "Salidas tarde - Late Start" lane. Changes to start times won't be made under any circumstances.



A runner "A" in M21A  who finished the long distance 10 minutes and 28 seconds after the winner. The first runner will start at 10:40 hrs and the runner "A" will leave at 10:50: 28. It is the responsability of everyone to take and check the correct map.


In case of a disputed sprint the winner will be the first one who crosses the finish line, no matter who punches the finish control first.



From Start 2 the next categories will start:







They will leave from 9:00 to 11:15 according to a predeterminated time.

  • 3 minutes before: Sportident units are cleared and checked.
  • 2 minutes before: Control descriptions can be taken.
  • 1 minute before: Position behind the map box.

Open categories will have free start times from 9:30 to 11:00.


Spectator control:

There will be a spectator control and a corridor close to the Competition centre along which the Elite classes will pass.


Maximun time for the races:

120 minutes for men and women



There will be refreshment for all competitors at the finish area.



Tracking system will be used in this race. Selected runners 15 M-E and 15 F-E accordingto the World Ranking as last published have to wear GPS transmitters. All the equipment will be provided by the organisers at the track-trackzone at finish area. Selected runners must wear the equipment if they want to start.

Names of selected athletes will be published on the web.


Other services:

  • Delivery of numbers and / or delivery of rented cards: Yes.
  • Delivery and sale of official shirts: Yes.
  • Toilets: in the parking area.
  • Baby sitting: Yes.
  • Food service in the finish area: Yes.
  • Medical service in the target area: Yes.