Scoring race for WRE and Spanish Orienteering league.

This race is scoring for the general classification of the XXXII Costa Calida Trophy.



Middle distance race E3


How arrived E3


Distance from parkint to start:

600 m. / 7 minutes on foot.


Map: Fuente el Álamo  (disctint map).

Download the old map




  • 1/10.000: 
    OPEN ROJO, OPEN NEGRO, M/F-14, M/F-16/18, M/F-16E, M/F-18E, M/F-20E, M/F-21A, M/F-21B, M/F-35A. M/F-35B, M/F-40, M/F-45, M/F-50, M/F-55 y M/F-E.
    EQ.: 5 m.
  • 1/7.500: 
    OPEN-AMARILLO, OPEN-NARANJA, U-10, M/F-12, M/F-60, M/F-65 y M/F-70.

EQ.: 5 m.


Mapper: Juan Fco. Sánchez Sánchez.




Octuber-November 2019.



Located between 640-730 meters of altitude, "Los Algezares" is a place very close to Yecla where red and gray casts and clays predominate, which give it a characteristic color and texture. Not too long ago in this Triassic saline diapiro existed, as recreational areas, the thermal baths of the Fuente la Negra and the Fuente Álamo.

The name of the place is due to the existence of old gypsum quarries (algezares), which are

very abundant throughout the area. Attached to the quarries are the remains of old cooking ovens, homes and dumps. The oldest ceramics found in the diapiro, associated with these quarries, belongs to the 16th century.

Among the fauna associated with this peculiar saline environment are the badger, the kestrel, the owl, etc. Pine repopulations (pinus halapensis) abound over terraces. Regarding flora, some species of interest stand out as Teucrium libanitis, Helianthemum squamatum, Launnaea pumila, etc.

The place called Los Algezares has traditionally been exploited for the extraction of sand, lime and limestone, gravel and plaster, necessary elements for the construction of mortar manufacturing.

All of this makes it one of the most technical and varied areas in the Murcia geography for the practice of orientation. Within the same map we can go from areas of great amounts of technical details (gullies, depressions, small quarries), to zones of small re-entrants of variable width and depth, areas of vegetation and variable slope, all accompanied by good ground, will mean the competitors can enjoy this wonderful map.


To the south of the map there is a prohibited area, indicated as such on the map, that is not marked on the ground. This area is clearly delimited by a road and a ravine.


The medium and long zone is commonly used for motorcycles and bicycles, which has led to a large number of trails being made by them. Only the most obvious have been mapped using the 508.0 symbol (narrow path).



Special items:

In the long and medium distance map special items are:

X (BLACK) Artificial element/Hunting post.

X (GREEN) Dry or fallen tree.

O (BLACK) Limestone quarry in ruin.

Symbol 508.0 Small track made by bikes or motorbikes.


Course planner: Salvador Martínez Cánovas.


Course planner opinion:

Typical Mediterranean land, of young repopulated pine combined with open or semi-open areas. The running speed will depend on the area of the map where the runner is, moving from areas of great detail to rock, where the running speed will be slow due to the technical difficulty, to the gentle re-entrant  zones where the running speed increases, zones of route choice, lots of changes of direction, etc. The courses are prepared for the competitor to implement all the basics of their skill.

To all this we must add the pressure generated by the chasing start for the categories included in it.

The map is dotted with a fairly wide network of trails, as well as tracks made by motorcycles and bicycles, which will increase the concentration for the runners, to enable them not to make any mistakes.



It will begin from START 1 according to the schedule for the first qualified in each category. 

9:00: M/F-70

9:10: M/F-65

9:20: M/F-60

9:30: M/F-55

9:40: M/F16E

9:50: M/F-18E

10:00: M/F-35B

10:10: M/F-50

10:20: M/F-20E

10:30: M/F-45

10:40: M/F-21B

10:50: M/F-40

11:00: M/F-21A

11:10: M/F-35A

11:30: M/F-E


Start times for the next runners will be calculated by the difference in minutes and seconds behind the winner in the long distance race up to a cut-off point of 30 minutes. The rest of the runners will then start with a difference of 1 minute in between each one of them.  In M-F ELITE those runners who are more than 30 minutes behind the winner will leave at 9:00 according to the classification of the long distance race. Anyone not having run the long distance race on Saturday will start at the end with a start time decided by a draw.


Start lists will be displayed on the web www.costacalidaorientacion.net and on Sunday at the arena from 08:00.


Runners must be at the start lane 5 minutes before their official time. If a competitor arrives late, he/she should inform the organisers and access the start through the "Salidas tarde - Late Start" lane. Changes to start times won't be made under any circumstances.



A runner "A" in M21A  who finished the long distance 10 minutes and 28 seconds after the winner. The first runner will start at 10:40 hrs and the runner "A" will leave at 10:50: 28. It is the responsability of everyone to take and check the correct map.


In case of a disputed sprint the winner will be the first one who crosses the finish line, no matter who punches the finish control first.



From Start 2 the next categories will start:






They will leave from 9:00 to 11:15 according to a predeterminated time.

  • 3 minutes before: Sportident units are cleared and checked.
  • 2 minutes before: Control descriptions can be taken.
  • 1 minute before: Competitors may pick up, but not look at, the map in the last minute and move to the start line.

Open categories will have free start times from 9:30 to 11:00.



At 11:30 all runners who have not taken the start (all categories) must be on start without a mobile phone.


Spectator control:

There will be a spectator control and a corridor close to the Competition centre along which the M/F-ELITE and M/F-20E will pass.


Maximun time for the races:

120 minutes for men and women.



There will be refreshment for all competitors at the finish area.



Tracking system will be used in this race. Selected runners 15 M-E and 15 F-E accordingto the World Ranking as last published have to wear GPS transmitters. All the equipment will be provided by the organisers at the track-trackzone at finish area. Selected runners must wear the equipment if they want to start.

Names of selected athletes will be published on the web.


Other services


In the area there are some areas with processionary caterpillar nests in the branches of the pines.  It is recommended to avoid contact with them since they can cause stinging effects.