Scoring race for WRE,  VIII MCO 2019 and Spanish Orienteering league.

This race is scoring for the general classification of the XXXI Costa Calida Trophy.


Bullas > competition area: 22 kms / 22 minutes by car.

Marked access from exit 53 of the RM-15 to the competition area.

How to arrive to parking

Distance on foot from parking area to START 1:
50 meters.

Distance on foot from parking area to START 2:

200 meters.


Map: Las Minas.

The map is divided into two parts according to the mapping work_

SOUTH Zone: Cartographed (October 2018) - Juan Fco. Sánchez Sánchez.

NORTH Zone: Cartography (January 2010) - Ondrej Dostal Marduk and Vlastislav Sebesta. Review and update (December 2018) - Juan Fco. Sánchez Sánchez and José A. García Murcia.

Old map

Course planner: José Aº García Murcia.


1:7.500:  OPEN-AMARILLO, U10,  M-60,  M-65, M-70, F-60, F-65,  F-70.

1:10.000: OPEN-NARANJA, OPEN-ROJO, OPEN-NEGRO,  M-12,  M-14, M-16/18, M-16E, M-21B, M-35B,  M-40,  M-45,  M-50,  M-55,  F-12,  F-14,  F-16/18,  F-16E,  F-21B,  F-35B,  F-40, F-45, F-50, F-55.

1:15.000: M-18E,  M-20E, M-21A,  M-35A,  M-E,  F-18E,  F-20E, F-21A,  F-35A,  F-E.

EQ.: 5 m.


Special Symbols:

x (black): Hunters point or cage.

o (black): Limekiln.


Start procedures:

There will be two different exits for the following categories:


START 1 for: 

  • F-16E, F-18E, F-20E, F-21A, F-35A, F-40, F-E, M-16E, M-18E, M-20E, M-21A, M-21B, M-35A, M-35B, M-40, M-45, M-50, M-55 y M-E.
  • The classes M-E1 and M-E2 will have a differentiated start and separated from the start 1. But using the same pre-start.
  • First start: 8:30 h.
  • 8 minutes before: Pre-start.
  • 3 minutes before: Sportident units are cleared and checked.
  • 2 minutes before: Control descriptions can be taken.
  • 1 minute before: Position behind the map box.

M-E CLASS: This category will be divided into two sub-categories. M-E1 and M-E2.  Every competitor will be assigned to a category and it is his responsibility to pick up the correct map. All competitors will do the same race.


START 2 for: 

  • U-10, F-12, F-14, F-16/18, F-21B, F-35B, F-45, F-50, F-55, F-60, F-65, F-70, M-12, M-14, M-16/18, M-60, M-65, M-70, OPEN-AMARILLO, OPEN-NARANJA, OPEN-ROJO y OPEN-NEGRO.
  • First start: 8:30 h. 
  • 5 minutes before: Pre-start.
  • 3 minutes before: Sportident units are cleared and checked.
  • 2 minutes before: Control descriptions can be taken.
  • 1 minute before: Position behind the map box.
  • Open categories will have free start times from 10:00 to 11:30.

There will be a taped route between controls 2 and 3 in Open Yellow and U-10 categories.


Quarantine: At 11:40 all runners who have not taken the start (all categories) must be on pre-start 1 or 2 and without a mobile phone.


Maximun time for the races:

According to the expected time for the winner up to a maximun of 180 minutes for women and 240 minutes for men.


Spectator control:

There will be a spectator control and a corridor close to the Competition centre along which the Elite classes will pass.



Tracking system will be used in this race. Selected runners 15 M-E and 15 F-E accordingto the World Ranking as last published have to wear GPS transmitters. All the equipment will be provided by the organisers at the track-trackzone at finish area. Selected runners must wear the equipment if they want to start.

Names of selected athletes will be published on the web.



There will be refreshment points (water) on the longest courses. It is completely forbidden to take the bottles or caps out of the refreshment area.  In the finish area will be refreshment for all runners.


Other services:

  • Delivery of numbers and / or delivery of rented cards: Yes.
  • Delivery and sale of official shirts: Yes.
  • Toilets: in the parking area.
  • Baby sitting: Yes.
  • Food service in the finish area: Yes.
  • Medical service in the target area: Yes.
  • Delivery of medals to the top 5 classified in the M / F-E WRE categories in the finish area at 14:00.

Examples of the dispersion of runners in M-E1 and M-E2.


This terrain, where the Long Distance Race of the  XXXI International Costa Calida Trophy and the VIII Mediterranean Championship of Orienteering will take place, is situated in the municipality of Cehegin, in the south east of the Coto de las Maravillas map, in the north of the Cañada de Canara district and between 620m and 480m above sea level.


The terrain is about 6km2 and is a light slope, shaped by hills, seasonal streams and many gullies and ditches that will be decisive for route-choice. In the north part, near some abandoned mines, the slope is slighter and demands very careful map reading. Rocks and cliffs will be present in seasonal streams and slopes.


The area is covered by mediterranean pine over 50% with not much undergrowth. Overall the race speed will be fast and there will be no need of special protection.


In some areas there are some very indistinct paths made by animals that are not drawn on the map.


The lack of paths, combined with relief, will make this terrain ideal for long distances between controls, even longer than 1.5 km, in almost all categories.