long race wre E1


Scoring race for WRE and Spanish Orienteering league.

This race is scoring for the general classification of the XXXII Costa Calida Trophy.



Long distance Race E1


How arrived to E1


Distance from parking to start:

600 m. /  7 minutes on foot.


Map: Fuente el Álamo (disctint map).

Download the old map



  • 1:7.500:  OPEN-AMARILLO, U10,  M-60,  M-65, M-70, F-60, F-65,  F-70.
  • 1:10.000: OPEN-NARANJA, OPEN-ROJO, OPEN-NEGRO,  M-12,  M-14, M-16/18, M-16E, M-21B, M-35B,  M-40,  M-45,  M-50,  M-55,  F-12,  F-14,  F-16/18,  F-16E,  F-21B,  F-35B,  F-40, F-45, F-50, F-55.
  • 1:15.000: M-18E,  M-20E, M-21A,  M-35A,  M-E,  F-18E,  F-20E, F-21A,  F-35A,  F-E.


EQ.: 5 m.


Mapper: Juan Fco. Sánchez Sánchez.




Octuber-November 2019.


Special items:

In the long and medium distance map special items are:

X (BLACK) Artificial element/Hunting post.

X (GREEN) Dry or fallen tree.

O (BLACK) Limestone quarry in ruin.


Symbol 508.0 Small track made by bikes or motorbikes.



Located between 640-730 meters of altitude, "Los Algezares" is a place very close to Yecla where red and gray casts and clays predominate, which give it a characteristic color and texture. Not too long ago in this Triassic saline diapiro existed, as recreational areas, the thermal baths of the Fuente la Negra and the Fuente Álamo.

The name of the place is due to the existence of old gypsum quarries (algezares), which are

very abundant throughout the area. Attached to the quarries are the remains of old cooking ovens, homes and dumps. The oldest ceramics found in the diapiro, associated with these quarries, belongs to the 16th century.

Among the fauna associated with this peculiar saline environment are the badger, the kestrel, the owl, etc. Pine repopulations (pinus halapensis) abound over terraces. Regarding flora, some species of interest stand out as Teucrium libanitis, Helianthemum squamatum, Launnaea pumila, etc.

The place called Los Algezares has traditionally been exploited for the extraction of sand, lime and limestone, gravel and plaster, necessary elements for the construction of mortar manufacturing.

All of this makes it one of the most technical and varied areas in the Murcia geography for the practice of orientation. Within the same map we can go from areas of great amounts of technical details (gullies, depressions, small quarries), to zones of small re-entrants of variable width and depth, areas of vegetation and variable slope, all accompanied by good ground, will mean the competitors can enjoy this wonderful map.


To the south of the map there is a prohibited area, indicated as such on the map, that is not marked on the ground. This area is clearly delimited by a road and a ravine.


The medium and long zone is commonly used for motorcycles and bicycles, which has led to a large number of trails being made by them. Only the most obvious have been mapped using the 508.0 symbol (narrow path).


Course planner: José Aº García Murcia.


Course planner opinion:

The terrain used for the long distance race is divided into three different zones:

  • One to the northeast, which has many open areas mixed with wooded areas allowing a good running speed, in which the ground is hard and with some areas with loose stones.
  • Another zone to the south, with an undulating terrain with abundant details of relief covered mostly with shrubs and with reduced visibility. This part of the map is only used by the longest routes.
  • And the northwest area in which open areas alternate with forest areas. This area is the one that has had the most influence with abundant details caused by mining activity. The terrain here allows a high running speed. The ground in these last two areas is soft, resulting in a pleasant race.

Practically all over the area covered by the map there are roads and paths, this together with the unevenness of the terrain (moderate, with some steep slopes), means that very long legs have not been designed. The paths will make the route choice a determining factor in routes with a high physical component.


First start at 8:45 h.



8 minutes before.



3 minutes before: Sportident units are cleared and checked.

2 minutes before: Control descriptions can be taken.

1 minute before: Competitors may pick up, but not look at, the map in the last minute and move to the start line.


Open categories will have free start times from 10:00 to 11:30.



This category will be divided into two sub-categories. M-E1 and M-E2.  Every competitor will be assigned to a category and it is his responsibility to pick up the correct map. Halfway through the course there will be a map exchange. M-E1 participants must take map 2 of M-E1 and M-E2 participants must take map 2 of M-E2.


Maximun time for the races:

According to the expected time for the winner up to a maximun of 180 minutes for women and men.



At 11:20 all runners who have not taken the start (all categories) must be on PRE-START without a mobile phone.



Tracking system will be used in this race. Selected runners 15 M-E and 15 F-E accordingto the World Ranking as last published have to wear GPS transmitters. All the equipment will be provided by the organisers at the track-trackzone at finish area. Selected runners must wear the equipment if they want to start.

Names of selected athletes will be published on the web.



There will be refreshment points (water) on the longest courses. It is completely forbidden to take the bottles or caps out of the refreshment area.  In the finish area will be refreshment for all runners.


Other services


In the area there are some areas with processionary caterpillar nests in the branches of the pines.  It is recommended to avoid contact with them since they can cause stinging effects.