long race wre


Scoring race for WRE and Spanish Orienteering league.

This race is scoring for the general classification of the XXXII Costa Calida Trophy.




  • 1:7.500:  OPEN-AMARILLO, U10,  M-60,  M-65, M-70, F-60, F-65,  F-70.
  • 1:10.000: OPEN-NARANJA, OPEN-ROJO, OPEN-NEGRO,  M-12,  M-14, M-16/18, M-16E, M-21B, M-35B,  M-40,  M-45,  M-50,  M-55,  F-12,  F-14,  F-16/18,  F-16E,  F-21B,  F-35B,  F-40, F-45, F-50, F-55.
  • 1:15.000: M-18E,  M-20E, M-21A,  M-35A,  M-E,  F-18E,  F-20E, F-21A,  F-35A,  F-E.

EQ.: 5 m.


Maximun time for the races:

According to the expected time for the winner up to a maximun of 180 minutes for women and 240 minutes for men.



Tracking system will be used in this race. Selected runners 15 M-E and 15 F-E accordingto the World Ranking as last published have to wear GPS transmitters. All the equipment will be provided by the organisers at the track-trackzone at finish area. Selected runners must wear the equipment if they want to start.

Names of selected athletes will be published on the web.



There will be refreshment points (water) on the longest courses. It is completely forbidden to take the bottles or caps out of the refreshment area.  In the finish area will be refreshment for all runners.


Other services:

  • Delivery of numbers and / or delivery of rented cards: Yes.
  • Delivery and sale of official shirts: Yes.
  • Toilets: in the parking area.
  • Baby sitting: Yes.
  • Food service in the finish area: Yes.
  • Medical service in the target area: Yes.
  • Delivery of medals to the top 5 classified in the M / F-E WRE categories in the finish area at 14:00.