ENTRIES SYSTEM control200.com
We are in the second deadline entries and we will only be accepted if vacant places are available. A 2 euro surcharge applies to entrants making entries during this period. Second( FINAL) deadline is until 13h February 2018 (inclusive).

Payment by credit card, securely and simply:

SSL Payment: guarantees the secrecy of the communication between the customer and our.

Electronically signed transaction: Prevents third parties manipulating any data in your transactions.

3D-Secure Payment: the technologies Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode enable client authentication by the issuer of the card used in the payment (usually with their e-banking keys).

Refunds of entry fees and other services will be 80% up to Friday, February 9th 2018 (Inclusive) No refunds will be payable after this date.


M/F-21A, B or E and over: 24 €*

M/F-20A and under: 16 €*

Open classes: 12 €*

Hard floor: 3 €

Sprint race: 4 € / If the entrant isn't registered in the Long distance race, the entry fee for the Sprint is 5 € for Open classes and 6 € for other classes.

Model event training with Sportident: 5 €.

Model event map: free.

Sportident rent card: 2 € per race, with a maximum of 4 € for all 3 races.


*One competition day (long or middle) only 50 %.


Once the competition starts (first start of the long race), any Sportident card change will be charged 5 €. Once the final registration deadline (February 13) is closed, category changes will be made with the approval of the director of the competition and will cost €5 per race.